As Me And My Love Sat Courting (songs Of Love, Cou

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Label: Topic
Catalog: TSCD665
Format: CD

Haste To The Wedding - Morris Dance Tune (Bill Kimber, concertina); Queen Amang The Heather (Belle Stewart, voice); Johnny Harte (Jimmy Halpin, voice); The Aylesbury Girl (Pop Maynard, voice); The Half-Door (Margaret Barry & Michael Gorman, voice, banjo & fiddle); Green Grow The Laurels (Louie Fuller, voice); The Blackbird (Diddy Cook, voice, with chairman & chorus); Coochie Coochie Coo Go Way (Jamesy McCarthy, voice); I Wish, I Wish (Walter Pardon, voice); What Can A Young Lassie Dae Wi' An Auld Man? (Jane Turrif, voice & piano); Johnny, Lovely Johnny (Paddy Tunney, voice); Lurgan Stream (Mary Ann Connelly, voice); I'll Marry And I Won't Be Nun - March or Two Step (Michael Gorman & Margaret Barry, fiddle & banjo); One Cold Morning In December (Walter Pardon, voice); It Was Early, Early All In A Spring (Robert Cinnamond, voice); Moorlough Maggie (Stanley Robertson, voice with chorus); Just As The Tide Was Flowing - Morris Dance Tune (Stephen Baldwin, fiddle); The Wearing Of Britches (Paddy Tunney, voice); A Week Before Easter (Harry Burgess, voice); I'm A Stranger In This Country (Jimmy McBeath, voice); The Banks Of Sweet Dundee (Bob Brader, voice); Sixteen Years, Mama (Tom Lenihan, voice); Benny Tavern Green (Paddy Tunney, voice)

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