Jiranek: Concertos And Sinfonias

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Sergio Azzolini - baroque Bassoon, Marina katarzhnova - baroque Violin, Collegium Marianum, Jana Semeradova - Flute and direction

Frantisek Jiranek: Concerto in G minor for Bassoon, Concerto in G Major for Flute, Sinfonia in D minor, Concerto in F major for Bassoon, Concerto in D minor for Violin, Sinfonia in F major.

Ever newer chapters from the history of the bountiful musical life of Baroque Prague are still being discovered today. Until recently, Frantisek Jiranek, a composer and violinist of the Prague-based Count Morzin's chapel, had only been known to a select few. Now, for the first time, all lovers of old music are afforded the opportunity to listen to an exquisite collection of his virtuoso concertos. At first hearing, we can recognise inspiration by Vivaldi (combined with distinct elements of Czech musicality) - after all, Jiranek was sent by his employer to study in Venice, where most likely Antonio Vivaldi himself, at the time Morzin's "maestro di musica in Italia", was his teacher. Later on, Jiranek worked in Dresden, where his further creation was gradually formed by the Galant style and the ascending Classicism. The world premiere of Jiranek's virtuoso concertos has been undertaken by superlative soloists headed by the "wizard" bassoonist Sergio Azzolini. With full engagement, together with Collegium Marianum under the flautist Jana Semeradova, they have breathed new life into Jiranek, which this rediscovered composer so richly deserves. Virtuoso concertos by Antonio Vivaldi's Czech pupil revived in the 21st century

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