Tessier : Carnets De Voyages

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1 CD - Label: Alpha - ALPHA100 - Chansons Turcquesques - Tessier, Charles - Ensemble: Le Poeme Harmonique - Conductor: Vincent Dumestre

Charles Tessier: Airs turquesques; Hel vel Acqueur (chanson turquesque); Tallissiman (chanson turquesque); Volte du tambour (Philidor manuscript); Chansons, airs de cour et musiques de ballet; Quand le flambeau du monde (air de cour); Je suis par trop longtemps (chanson); les Gascons (Philidor manuscript); Bransle de village & Bransle de Lorraine (Philidor manuscript); Me voilà hors du naufrage (air de cour); Villanelles et chansons italiennes; Madonna di Coucagna...(Villanelle italiene); Vita di voria dar cinquenta trene (Villanelle italienne); Chanson suissesse; Mattone mie care (chanson suisse); Air espagnol; No ay en la tierra (air espagnol); At the courtof Moritz of Hesse; Pavana del Sgr. Guilhemo Keudelio (Moritz of Hesse); Junkfrauw deine schöne Gestalt Leo Hassler; Life in London; Gaillard Essex John Dowland; Burst forth my tears (English Air) John Dowland

The works of the French lutenist and composer Charles Tessier give evidence of his vast curiosity and extensive travels in the years around 1600. His Premier livre de chansons & airs de cour tant en françois qu’en italien et en gascon à 4 & 5 parties appeared in London in 1597 with a preface in Italian; the title-page refers to him as musitien de la Chambre du Roy (i.e. musician to Henri IV of France). A second volume, entitled Airs et villanelles français, italiens, espagnols, suices et turcqs... a 3, 4 & 5 parties, was published in 1604. This set was dedicated to Moritz, Landgrave of Hesse. Its second edition (1610) appeared with a dedication to King Matthias of Hungary. Charles Tessier achieved a happy balance in his works between the different cultures of his time, with popular songs and refined airs de cour, a mixture of rusticity and delicacy that reflects the tastes of the court of Henri IV. His Italian and Swiss villanelles, his Spanish and Turkish airs – echoed on this recording by pieces written by contemporaries John Dowland, Leo Hassler and Moritz of Hesse – show how men and their works travelled within Europe during that peaceful period between the wars of religion and the Thirty Years' War. With this recording Le Poème Harmonique and Vincent Dumestre invite us to take a look at the travels and the encounters that enriched the joyful works of this very interesting composer. Recorded 28 October-1 November 2005, Chapel of Notre-Dame de Bon Secours, Paris

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