Stainer: Crucifixion, Maunder: Oliver To Cavalry

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Catalog: 75779M
Format: CD

It is not very often that you come across church music like this. Most pieces like this have not been recorded, and if they have been, it has not been recent enough that the quality of the sound is worth what you're paying for. I purchased this CD for Maunder's "Olivet to Calvary," a somewhat lesser known piece than Stainer's Crucifixion. I had found the sheet music at a local music shop and I wished to hear the piece in its entirety rather than what I could just sing of it. People who appreciate Handel's Messiah will enjoy Stainer's Crucifixion, but Olivet to Calvary is more of a deep cut, meaning that if you are an intense appreciator of music that you will find it interesting. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it broadened my horizons even more...and as a vocal performance major, that is critical.