Ben Sidran: European 5

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Label: Bonsai
Catalog: BON101002
Format: CD

Ben Sidran, Piano, Vocal; Rodolphe Burger, Guitar, Vocal; Erik Truffaz, Trumpet; Marcello Giuliani, Bass; Alberto Malo, Drums

Composed by: Tracklisting
Intro - Gotta Serve Somebody / Rainy Day Woman / Blowin' In The Wing (Duet With Rodolphe Burger) / Subterranean Homesick Blues / All I Really Want To Do / Tangled Up / Everything Is Broken / Maggies Farm / Love Minus Zero / The Times They Are Changin' / On The Road Again / We Are Here For A Minute

The best music happens at night and it is always night somewhere. On April 29th of 2010, it was dusk as we entered the New Morning and midnight when we came out. In between, we tried to shed a little light on the music of Bob Dylan, me, Rodolphe, Marcello, Alberto and Erik.
When it was all over, Erik and I walked back to Ch√Ętelet. down rue St. Denis, the street where women historically ply the oldest profession, a street now virtually deserted, empty. "You see what's happening," said Erik. "It's changing. The government is driving people out." Yes, I agreed, it is getting harder to earn a living these days. There were shadows in the doorways, a few men with hands deep in their pockets, moving quickly. Bob Dylan would have appreciated the scene.
We got to the hotel, shook hands and said, "We'll meet again soon." And here we are, live at the New Morning again. It is always night somewhere. - Ben Sidran

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