The Birth & Rise Of The Recording Industry In Cana

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Label: GALA
Catalog: GAL112
Format: CD

From Berliner to RCA Victor, The Birth & Rise of the Recording Industry in Canada / Naissance et essor de l’industrie du disque au Canada
Various artist: Robert Price, Wilf Carter, Jean Lalonde, Oscar Peterson, Alys Robi, Jacques Normand, Hank Snow....

1. The New Voice of Berliner. Oliver Berliner / 2. ”It talks, it sings.” Recorded advertisement for the Berliner Gramophone Robert Price / 3. Les montagnards (folklore) E. Loiseau / 4. The Maple Leaf Forever Robert Price / 5. Le long du Saint-Laurent Hector Pellerin / 6. When You and I Were Young, Maggie Henry Burr & Peerless Quartet / 7. Emile Berliner on Record “Hello Bobby ! I’m going to sing for you” Emile Berliner / 8. On est Canayen ou ben on l’est pas (folklore) Conrad Gauthier / 9. The Devil’s Dream (folklore) George Wade & His Cornhuskers (Jean Carignan) / 10. My Swiss Moonlight Lullaby Wilf Carter /' 11. Vous qui passez sans me voir Jean Lalonde / 12. Darling, je vous aime beaucoup Lucille Dumont / 13. The West, A Nest and You, Dear Mart Kenney & His Western Gentlemen / 14. Pie Jesu (Requiem \ Fauré) Wilfrid Pelletier Orchestre des Festivals de Montréal / 15. V’là l’bon vent (folklore) Le Quatuor Alouette / 16. Tico-Tico Alys Robi / 17. Je croyais (Promises) Fernand Robidoux / 18. Mon enfant je te pardonne (When It’s Springtime In The Rockies) Paul Brunelle / 19. La Bonne Chanson (Thème) Albert Viau et François Brunet / 20. Je chante à cheval Willie Lamothe / 21. Oscar’s Boogie Oscar Peterson, piano / 22. Si vous l’aviez compris Raoul Jobin / 23. Les fraises et les framboises (folklore) Le trio Soucy / 24. Les nuits de Montréal Jacques Normand / 25. I’m Movin’ On Hank Snow / 26. Toi ma richesse (Rags To Riches) Jen Roger / 27. N’oublie jamais Raymond Berthiaume et les Three Bars / 28. Yakety Yak Les Jérolas

Berliner Gramophone Co., which became RCA Victor (later BMG, Sony-BMG and Sony), is Canada’s first record company. Emile Berliner started making records in Montreal in 1900. The recording business which at first sold a few thousands discs went on in a short time to sell millions. Recorded sound with moving and talking pictures, radio and the telephone became part of the modern way life. The record company is the only one that was present in Canada for the whole of the 20th C. It recorded artists from all parts of Canada and across all genres: pop, rock, country, traditional, classical, jazz, and spoken word. This disc features major recordings of Berliner and RCA Victor. The accompanying booklet documents the history of the label, the evolution of sound technologies, the rich catalogue of its artists and repertoire and a social history of the milieu in which the company operated. The disc includes introduction by grandson Oliver Berliner and a song recorded by the inventor himself in 1924.

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