Bailly: D'une étincelle

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Catalog: STR37275

Ensemble Alternance; Ciampolini, Daniel; Merlet, Claire; Arsenijevic, Nicolas; Cottet, Jean-Marie

Maël Bailly's music undoubtedly bears the imprint, rather than the weight, of his composer mentor Gérard Pesson, for the elder Bailly is gifted with a well-known benevolence and generosity. A respectful distance from a heritage that has been accepted and fulfilled, and a singular and facetious imagination, encourage emancipation. Maël Bailly's musical style is already clear. Numerous works are emerging, with instrumentations and styles as eclectic as they are surprising. Maël Bailly is resolutely of his time. He is one of those who develop a form of living discourse that offers at every moment many possible paths towards his own future. (Brian Ferneyhough) The musical flow is leaping, bouncing, stomping, boiling. The sound textures whirl around in a wide spectrum of fumaroles of colors, both finely chiseled and sometimes melting like magma. In this game of hands or sonic hopscotch, as Maël Bailly himself calls it, the sounds develop, continue and imitate each other in a rhythmic whirlwind that is at times relentlessly robotic and at other times endowed with a suspenseful elasticity that gives the discourse a new dimension. At other times, they are endowed with a suspenseful elasticity that gives the discourse the singular impression of hesitating, especially when it evolves in an open form. The improvising spirit is often lurking in the shadows.

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