Bonporti: Complete Sonatas For 2 Violins And B.c.

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Catalog: BRI96883

Baldessarini, Alessandro; Labirinti Armonici; Prosser, Pietro

The definitive collection of Bonporti’s chamber music, including many first-ever recordings. Labirinti Armonici is an Italian-based early-music ensemble with a string of Brilliant Classics albums to its credit, focusing on the neglected music of the north-Italian composer Francesco Antonio Bonporti (1672–1749). A priest like his contemporary Vivaldi, he focused his creative energies on music for the church and for chamber ensemble, and it is this impressive catalogue of work that Labirinti Armonici has documented. Bonporti has by and large been heard only in excerpted, fragmentary form on collections of Italian-Baroque composers, but Labirinti Armonici reveal the true breadth of his creative personality. There are four surviving collections of stylish sonatas for two violins and continuo, published as Opp. 1, 2, 4, and 6. Labirinti Armonici take an imaginative approach to the continuo part, enriching the skeletal figured-bass line with cello, harpsichord, and organ in various combinations according to the mood and character of each specific sonata. Having most likely studied the violin with Arcangelo Corelli, Bonporti shares with this master of Baroque-violin style a graceful approach to melody which prizes cantabile above virtuoso flourishes, though a thorough understanding of Baroque ornamentation is needed to make the melodies rise and fall with the harmonic intensity intended by the composer. Bonporti tends to make bolder harmonic excursions than Corelli, and in itself, this is likely to make a more striking appeal to modern ears. When separately issued, these collections won glowing praise from international reviewers, and this reissue makes an invaluable contribution to the field of Baroque chamber music available at a more accessible price than ever. ‘The overall effect is of a highly professional group at home with the repertoire. So little of Bonporti’s works have been recorded to the highest standards; let us hope this is a start of a revival!’ (Early Music Review)

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