Thomas Woods: The Carnival Of The Dinosaurs (a Mus

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Label: TYXart
Catalog: TXA23179

Teear, Rachel; Kempf, Freddy; Woods, Natalia

Thomas J. Woods (b. 1969): The Carnival of the Dinosaurs – A musical fairytale Tyrannosaurus Regina is the tyrant Queen of the dinosaurs and preparations are underway for the Carnival celebrating her birthday. Always suspicious, she sends out spies to observe her subjects including a melancholy Brontosaurus, partying Triceratops and a tattooed Ankylosaurus. But perhaps the real threat comes from the Pterodactyls above? “The Carnival of the Dinosaurs” is a musical fairytale that will delight listeners and readers young and old. Narrated and interpreted by Rachel Teear (Narrator), Freddy Kempf (Piano 1) and Natalia Woods (Piano 2).

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