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Label: ALPHA
Catalog: ALPHA993

Ensemble InterContemporain; Ophele, Emmanuelle; Crosse, Nicolas; Tosi, Diego; Comte, Jérôme; Dejardin, Renaud; Bleuse, Pierre; Nagano, Hideki; Grauvogel, Philippe; Vichard, Sebastien; Stulz, John; Auboin, Odile; McManama, Jens; Vassilakis, Dimitri; Couturier, Éric-Maria; Kang, Hae-Sun; Billard, Alain; Vervoitte, Jean-Christophe; Ounissi, Lucas; Conquer, Jeanne-Marie

The Ensemble Intercontemporain and its new music director Pierre Bleuse pay homage to György Ligeti, whose centenary we celebrated in 2023: ‘Ligeti is one of the greatest composers of the twentieth century and certainly one of those who first made a powerful aesthetic impact on me personally!... This recording, which combines concertos and chamber music, highlights the EIC’s qualities as soloists and chamber musicians. And I’m not forgetting that Ligeti is an integral part of the repertoire of the Ensemble, which has performed his works extensively… So this is an ideal way of beginning my own story with the EIC’, says Pierre Bleuse, who brings his personal conception to these works and seeks to approach each score like ‘a virgin forest’. A noteworthy feature here is the new cadenza composed by Philippe Maunoury for the Violin Concerto, with Hae-Sun Kang as soloist. Renaud Déjardin (cello) and Dimitri Vassilakis (piano) perform the other concertos of this tribute programme.

Price: $45.98