Towers (lp)

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Catalog: SU6920-1
Format: VINYL

Clarinet Factory Beata Hlavenova Milan Cimfe Daniel Soltis

How can an artist move forward and keep finding new ways of creativity and not stagnate? This question is as old as art itself, but those who search can make a discovery. Such musicians whose every album develops the never-ending story of searching and discovering are undoubtedly the Prague-based Clarinet Factory. This internationally renowned ensemble, which has redefined the approach to and use of clarinets, has written another chapter of its fascinating exploration on its new record, Towers. In comparison with their previous album, Pipers (2020), they now put more emphasis on instrumentals, so the first single, Obloha šedá (The Grey Sky), is one of only two songs with lyrics on this record. The main role is played by clarinets, drums, and loopers while the human voice is often used as an instrument or as ambient sound. The resulting sound of the album is largely contributed to by their guest, Beata Hlavenková, who conjures up many distinct and colorful layers on the piano and Fender Rhodes. Besides Beata Hlavenková and the quartet of Ludek Boura, Vojtech Nýdl, Jindrich Pavliš, and Petr Valášek, another important figure is Milan Cimfe of the SONO Records Studio, who collaborated with the Clarinet Factory on Pipers and who is in charge of the drums, samples, and other electronics on the new record. Other guests include drummer Daniel Šoltis, who has collaborated with the ensemble for many years. Towers is another important item (not only) in the Clarinet Factory discography. Its multiple layers are a joy to discover with every listening. The album is released only in digital formats and as a three-side double LP, whose graphical design was created by the renowned artist, Pavel Fuksa. The Clarinet Factory have written another chapter of their remarkable exploration of the world of sounds.

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