The First At Last

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Catalog: JL030

Jasper Staps Rembrandt Frerichs Mattheus Nicolaiewsky Mitchell Damen

Saxophonist Jasper Staps and pianist Rembrandt Frerichs, lifelong friends with a 25-year bond and extensive shared stage experience, have combined their talents to release their eagerly awaited debut album titled The First At Last. This album aims to rekindle the spirit of genuine human interaction in jazz by focusing on musical storytelling and the inherent beauty of the genre. Backed by Staps' seasoned saxophone and Frerichs' historic 1903 Erard grand piano, the quartet highlights their passion for swinging rhythms, resonating melodies, and intricate harmonies. A fresh rhythm section, featuring Matheus Nicolaiewsky on double bass and Mitchell Damen on drums, engages in a dynamic interplay with the veterans. Their profound personal connection fortifies this musical partnership, underpinning a unique chemistry that bridges their differing artistic approaches – Staps, a craftsman driven by lyrical sounds, and Frerichs, an experimental composer. Working with Just Listen Records, renowned for capturing live energy, underscores their commitment to an unfiltered jazz encounter The First At Last celebrates their friendship while honoring their shared love for jazz.

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