Voices Of The Land

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Label: Navona
Catalog: NV6553

Rusnak, Christina; Reno, Will; Juventas New Music Ensemble; Ye, Wanyue; Rose, Nick; Caplan, Oliver; Gardiner, Brian

VOICES OF THE LAND from composer Christina Rusnak guides listeners on a journey through America; celebrating its landscape and its people. The pieces on this album explore the emotions and experiences of settlers; miners; and indigenous people as they navigated the challenges; triumphs; and indignities of early American history. Drawing inspiration from the Homestead Act and the Klondike Gold Rush to the John Day River and Pine Meadow Ranch; Rusnak’s music weaves together the rhythms and sounds of nature with the stories of the nation’s early inhabitants. This album is in keeping with Rusnak’s other work as a composer; focusing on the intersection of place; nature; culture; history; and art. A powerful tribute to the land and the people who shaped it; VOICES OF THE LAND invites listeners to reflect on the complex history of America.

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