Petr Nohavica - Glance

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Label: Animal Music
Catalog: BR007

Petr Nohavica David Doruzka Allison Wheeler Jaromir Honzak Jiri Levicek Cyrille Oswald

The album of the talented drummer and composer contains Nohavica's own compositions; influenced by African rhythms or Nordic jazz; capturing the joys and moments of life and trying to honestly tell a story that is hard to describe in words. David Doružka; Jaromír Honzák; Jirí Levícek and Cyrille Oswald contributed to the creation of the album and its final form. "When selecting my bandmates; I tried to find the ideal combination of their playing style and the character of the album; so that the story and atmosphere of the individual songs would stand out as much as possible," Nohavica explains. "I think that was successful. Despite the fact that some of the compositions can be challenging for players; we managed to create an interesting musical world full of discovery; joy and many other feelings." The guest vocalist on Glance is Allison Wheeler; an accomplished vocalist; lyricist and Nohavic's life partner. "Sharing a musical life with a partner is an extremely interesting thing; especially when we share it in a small musical community like the jazz community," says Nohavica. "I think on the one hand; we motivate each other; discover new things and learn together every day; but on the other hand; over time; our views on music; our bandmates and our musical development start to merge and it becomes harder and harder to say where the original boundaries of each of us actually are."

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