Edward Cowie: Where The Wood Thrush Forever Sings

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Catalog: MEX77104

Chadwick, Roderick; Hashimoto, Anna

A captivating new album from the extraordinary talents of Edward Cowie, a true master of multiple disciplines. This remarkable polymath, renowned as a composer, visual artist, and natural scientist, has gifted us his exhilarating third epic cycle of 'bird portraits' - a thrilling 24-movement composition for clarinet(s) and piano.Cowie's earlier works, Bird Portraits and Where Song was Born, received resounding praise worldwide and are poised to become iconic chamber masterpieces on the global stage: “Cowie continues to be a leading contemporary composer of music that is related to the natural world.” (Fanfare) “You may well be thinking “but Messiaen has already done it”. But Cowie’s approach is gentler, almost more loving.” (MusicWeb) “imaginative, captivating and really very moving” (The Strad). In this latest cycle, Cowie draws inspiration from the avian wonders of the Americas, presenting a symphonic ode to 24 distinct bird species. But his vision extends far beyond the mere melodies of these majestic creatures. With each composition he creates an immersive tapestry of avian dramas. As with his previous cycles dedicated to British and Australian birds, Cowie ingeniously incorporates the rich musical heritage of the indigenous Indian cultures of the USA and the vibrant spirit of jazz, infusing his work with an unmistakable, awe-inspiring energy. We are transported into a world where nature's symphony collides with human musical expression, courtesy of the brilliant performers Anna Hashimoto on various clarinets and the ever-impressive pianist Roderick Chadwick, both of whom bring these extraordinary bird portraits to life.

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