Anser: Walking On Water Drops

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Catalog: STR37254

Sutera, Virginia; Braida, Alberto

The Duo got its name from the binary star Anser, a star system formed by two stars orbiting around their common centre of mass. In the same way Virginia Sutera and Alberto Braida, two different identities, revolve together around a common musical research and idea. Their first CD, ANSER, featured totally improvised pieces as well as compositions signed by the duo. In this new work, the music was entirely born in the here and now of the sound, in the very moment. Violin and piano dialogue without boundaries, finding the very essence of the duo in improvisation. Anser's music is created in the very moment it is performed; composition and performance overlap in the same gesture and instant. Sutera and Braida are both performers and authors of the music in this project: the dynamism of a single path made of relationship and creation opens to a musical world, where anybody can be transported with a free and curious spirit. The will to stretch towards unknown destinations is led with intensity and refinement: the aim is to suggest stories, images and moods, on the push of unseen musical solutions.

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