Le Clavecin A Paris

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Catalog: CCS45523

Jos Van Immerseel

On this collection of three albums; Jos van Immerseel performs the music by seven masters of 18th century Paris on three historical harpsichords - some of the finest jewels in the Musée de la musique of Philharmonie de Paris: Jean-Henri Hemsch harpsichord; 1761; Ruckers-Taskin harpsichord; 1646/1780; Goujon harpsichord; 1749; restored by Swanen in 1784. Jos van Immerseel; who reappears on Channel Classics Records where he released his first recordings in the 1990s; pays homage to some of the composers who have accompanied him since the beginning of his prestigious career as a harpsichordist. The composers featured on these albums are often mentioned in the same breath; yet each has their own and completely unique style. In Jos van Immerseel's words: "Louis Marchand has whimsical and surprising turns; François Couperin is known for musical regality; Jean-Philippe Rameau portrays theatrical and folk influences; Antoine Forqueray speaks a daring language of the devil's gamba; Jacques Duphly makes the harpsichord sing; Claude Balbastre is a revolutionary challenger; and Armand-Louis Couperin wavers between brilliance and parting pain".

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