Steffen Wolf: Essais Musicaux - Works For Violin,

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Label: TYXart
Catalog: TXA21160

Nowicka, Ewelina; Hymer, Jennifer; Wolf, Steffen; Coats, Pamela; Komoto, Michi

The album Essais musicaux brings together chamber music works for violin; clarinet; and piano from the years 2017-2021. Three of the six pieces attempt to capture aspects of time; while the remaining compositions are inspired by the arts of painting; architecture; and literature. In a fundamentally searching and open attitude; all six works follow the idea of the literary-philosophical essay; in which it is precisely the subjective perspective that is the appeal of the investigation; and the process of questioning itself that is of great importance. Steffen Wolf‘s Essais musicaux are not intended to be a linear “translation” of paintings; texts; or buildings into the language of music; rather they tell of these encounters with art; sometimes in a dreamy and freely associative way; sometimes in a clearly defined way. Very fine interpreted by Ewelina Nowicka (Violin); Pamela Coats (Clarinet); Jennifer Hymer and Michi Komoto (Piano) and Steffen Wolf (Recitation) is this a great premiere recording of works by the contemporary composer Steffen Wolf.

Price: $29.98