Symphonic Touch Of Andersson

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Catalog: 79556870

London Philharmonic Orchestra; Berglund, Anders; Svarfvar, Christian

Benny Andersson started out as a keyboard player and composer in a Swedish rock band in the sixties. After meeting Bjorn Ulvaeus in 1966, his writing developed through their creative companionship and a couple of years later, ABBA was born. With Benny’s music, Bjorn’s lyrics and the girls’ voices, the success was unprecedented. Benny has since then explored and developed his composing skills through musicals, music for film and theater, folk music etc. Bjorn Ulvaeus has been a very important and invaluable partner through the years, but this album is focused on the very music composed by Benny. Despite lack of musical education and not reading music he writes like a classical composer. This has been Anders Berglund’s inspiration for these new arrangements and with the beautiful playing of virtuoso Christian Svarfvar and the great London Philharmonic Orchestra, this album wants to shed new light over Benny Andersson’s music.

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