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Label: SIG
Catalog: SIGCD732

David Le Page Graham Instrall Sally Harrop Viv McLean Mark Le Brocq Raphael Mizraki Daniel de Fry Catherine Leech

Completing their cycle of mixtape albums, ECHOES is Orchestra of Swan’s third album on Signum Classics. Featuring works by artists including JS Bach, Philip Glass and Frank Zappa and some new arrangements by Artistic Director, David Le Page. “Although you can listen to each track in isolation Echoes is, first and foremost, a complete journey; the way a work ends and another begins is designed to create a frisson, a jolt of recognition or a feeling of surprise and satisfaction. Echoes explores landscape, light, water, dreams, birth and the slowly changing rhythm of the seasons; it also represents a callback to the days of vinyl when the act of listening to recordings was necessarily more involved and required all of your attention... Despite the ongoing march of music technology and the death of various beloved formats the mixtape has somehow survived and adapted. It is unaccountably more popular than it has ever been” - David Le Page

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