Paganini: Complete Quartets For String Trio And Gu

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Catalog: BRI96872

Mendelssohn, Vladimir; Popovici, Razvan; Waterman, Joel; Mesirca, Alberto; Frochaux, Claude; Bogdanovic, Maja; Rowland, Daniel

This release is a source of pride for guitarist Alberto Mesirca for several reasons. First, it’s the culmination of a recording endeavour begun in 2016, which sprung from an idea Mesirca had during an after-concert dinner with his beloved, late mentor, violist Vladimir Mendelssohn, who particularly loved yet had never performed Paganini’s 15th Quartet (more like a viola concerto with strings and guitar accompaniment). Mesirca then managed to convince Vladimir Mendelssohn to prepare scores for the complete repertoire. Second, the other musicians who join the ensemble on this recording are among the finest, most sensitive and passionate musicians Mesirca has had the pleasure of meeting. The Quartets in this 3-CD set are not in chronological or catalogue order because the full cycle of 15 Quartets will be realised with a second upcoming release (also 3 CDs), and Mesirca decided instead to create a common thread with the tonalities and musical development among the quartets. This recording is dedicated to Vladimir Mendlessohn who brought the group together with his inspirational musicality and presence. This almost certainly represents the violist’s final studio recording, and he is featured here as the incredible virtuoso he was.

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