Roland Moser: Violoncello Solo E In Duo

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Catalog: SM429

Steinmann, Conrad; Winkelman, Helena; Gohl Moser, Käthi; Arter, Matthias; Kernjak, Anton

The CD includes Moser's most important works for violoncello with and without accompaniment. Moser - one of the most renowned Swiss composers - explores new tonal systems and the dialogue between sound and language with a never-ending spirit of research. Almost like a sound-sealing alchemist, he develops new playing techniques that reveal astonishing sound phenomena. Thomas Meyer on the CD: "When was the last time I heard such intimate music! The loving togetherness is, as it were, the prerequisite for most of the pieces on this CD, for the composer is composing here for the cellist with whom he has long shared life (...), for Käthi Gohl Moser." Roman Brotbeck on Moser: "... Moser (...) pays attention to clarity. Better to say too little than too much, better to remain precise in the little than to become diffuse with too much information. However, this has nothing to do with new simplicity. What is clear and few, precisely because it is understood, very quickly becomes very complex.” Heinz Holliger: "Great music, insanely well played."

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