Between Spheres

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Boreas Quartett

Between Spheres focuses on the sound poetry of the recorder consort. Music of the 17th century interlocks with a contemporary cycle dedicated to the quartet. Both musical spheres have a poetics that captivates the ear and leaves listeners wondering: Where might one epoch end and the other begin? The Boreas Quartett Bremen presents a magical sound of the flute ensemble that switches between worlds of expression with virtuosity: It sounds like birdsong in Poglietti's Rossignolo and Schönewolf's Unter Kranichen, hypnotically occupied with low flutes in the polyphonic Ricercari of the late Renaissance, agile and highly virtuosic in fugue compositions of both epochs. Closely interwoven, the pieces merge and float between the spheres - "between spheres". The recording is the second release of the Boreas Quartet Bremen after the ICMA award-winning album Basevi Codex from 2022.

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