Zádor: Celebration Music - Chamber Concerto - Sui

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Label: NCL
Catalog: 8574262

Smolij, Mariusz; Sarkady, Katalin; Kováts, Imre; Budapest Symphony Orchestra MÁV, cello section; Képíró, Bálint; Szoke, Zoltán; Budapest Symphony Orchestra MÁV, string section; MAV Symphony Orchestra

Eugene Zádor was an established composer by the time he moved from Europe to the United States in 1939 where he worked as a film composer. Many of the works on this album exhibit Zádor’s finest traits, blending neo-Classicism and neo-Romanticism with expert orchestration and rhythmic verve, and a dedication to tonality liberally peppered with gentle dissonance. The Chamber Concerto was composed while he was still in Vienna, and the Suite for Horn, Strings and Percussion only received its premiere after Zádor’s death. The programme concludes with spectacular off-stage effects and a joyous affirmation of life in Celebration Music.

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