Mozart The Double-faced

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Label: Ars Produktion
Catalog: ARS38343
Format: SACD

Wessel, Michael

So you see that I can write as I like, beautifully and wildly, straight and crooked. The other day I had a bad sense of humour, so I wrote beautifully, straight and seriously; today I am well rhymed, so I write wildly, crookedly and merrily; now it all depends on what you prefer, - - you have to choose between the two, because I have no means: beautifully or wildly, straight or crookedly, seriously or merrily, the first three words or the last three. So wrote Mozart in a letter to his cousin, the "Bäsle". The sonatas united in this recording, like the C minor Fantasy, are suitable for showing the two-facedness of Mozart's mind as well as his works.

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