Sonic Patterns

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Label: WERGO
Catalog: WER20782

Ludger Brummer Katia Guedes Mafalda de Lemos Nuno Dias Moritz Eggert Christian Kesten Joao Cipriano Martins Phil

For decades, Ludger Brümmer has represented a unique, courageous, and often instantly recognisable voice in electronic, algorithmic, and computer music. He develops structures that lead to aesthetic experiences normally found, if at all, only in the most expressive of instrumental works. Ludger Brümmer’s music is dominated by processes. All processes are on a trajectory towards a climax or evolve from a climax to a minimum. Ultimately, a complete lack of orientation is to be achieved in the climax: an established system has used itself up and thereby becomes obsolete. The moment remains when the idea, the sonic construction, the parameters have reached the maximum and collapse in on themselves to make room for something new. Ludger Brümmer’s compositions oscillate between moments of greatest energy and complete emptiness. Both states can be absolutely equal in their emotional intensity. There is an alternation between inner and outer perception, between intense stimuli from outside and the subtle inner experience of time. Radical from the get-go, Brümmer has unified instrument and musical structure in most of his digitally produced works. He can thus be seen as a digital pioneer, unifying our perception of his music not just conceptually but experientially across all time levels in works of often symphonic proportions. The double album “Ludger Brümmer: Sonic Patterns” published by WERGO in the Edition ZKM, is a result of the project EASTN-DC and funded by the program 'Creative Europe'. The first double album “Ludger Brümmer: Spheres of Resonance” was released by WERGO in August 2022.

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