Sacred Concertos & Sonatas

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Label: CPO
Catalog: 555464-2

Schmalz, Lisa Florentine; Mertens, Klaus; Hamburger Ratsmusik; Eckert, Simone; Zumsande, Hanna; Ludwig, Mirko; Schoch, Knut

Probably born in Hamburg in 1623, Dietrich Becker not only mastered organ playing, but also developed into an outstanding violinist and composer. His music-historical importance lies primarily in the field of instrumental music, but his contribution to sacred music also shows him to be a distinguished composer: five sacred concertos from his pen have survived in their entirety; they are united as first recordings on this release. The form and style of the sacred concertos show typical similarities: As instrumental parts, Becker preferred a full-voiced string instrumentation; the singing parts are not conducted virtuosically, but predominantly syllabically, and serve primarily a clear reproduction of the text and follow the affect of the text. Singing voices and instruments frequently confront each other in dialogue.

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