Daniil Trifonov - Bach: The Art Of Life (deluxe-ed

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Daniil Trifonov presents a deluxe version of his successful solo album: Bach - The Art of Life "Star pianist plays summit work. His interpretation leaves nothing to be desired..." (RBB Kultur) The centerpiece of this double album is Johann Sebastian Bach's late masterpiece, The Art of Fugue. It reflects Trifonov's insight into the family life and musical practice of one of the greatest composers of all time. Works by four of Bach's sons and two of the Bach family's favorite pieces also appear on this recording, which features both pieces of lighthearted dance-like quality, but also the majesty and gravity of the Chaconne in D minor. The album begins serenely with a family portrait in the form of four charming works by Bach's sons. Trifonov's evocative interpretation of Bach's Art of Fugue is grounded in the notion of the work as a cycle, as a living, organic whole. This is in keeping with the inspiration he draws from nature, whether on hikes or in qigong, a form of meditation and movement that also draws on the healing energy of trees. "The tree is a good image for the overall concept of the Art of Fugue," Trifonov says. "The theme is the trunk, the fugues are the branches, the permutations within each fugue are the leaves." For the final Contrapunctus, which Bach did not complete, Trifonov has written a seamless, stylistically appropriate ending. "This album is about love in many ways: romantic love, familial love, and love for the Creator." This deluxe version gets both the studio and live recording of the "Art of the Fugue" (Live as Blu-Ray Audio), as well as the entire legendary live concert from the Philharmonie Berlin as Blu-Ray Video.

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