Germaine Tillion Dans L?algeri

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Sarazin, Roselyne

The entrance, in 2015, of Germaine Tillion to the Pantheon dedicated a remarkable itinerary. After carrying out ethnological research in the Aurès, Germaine Tillion joined the Resistance in 1940; she was arrested, on denunciation, in 1942, was imprisoned and then deported to Ravensbrück where she lived and saw horror for 18 months. After the war, she tirelessly investigated the crimes of Nazism and Stalinism then, in 1954, she was sent to Algeria where she undertook to fight against "homelessness" and where "anxious to save heads before defending causes", it leads fights against capital executions, against torture and for a balanced peace. This audiobook is about this episode of his life. It reveals the profound humanism of the woman who "neither broke with justice for the love of France, nor broke with France for the love of justice" and who "deliberately chose to save all those she could, Algerians and French, of all opinions.”

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