Minimus Vocal Ensemble - "vespere, Nox Et Aurora"

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Catalog: RecArt0047

Komolka, Radoslaw; Minimus Vocal Ensemble; Michalak, Marta; Liszkowska-Sikorska, Maria; Kusz, Patryk; Raczynska, Slawomira

In the part devoted to the beginning of the world, the Bible says that God first created heaven and earth, formless and empty. Darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters. That is when God said: “Let there be light!” And day severed itself from night. That was the morning and evening of the first day. The album “Vespere, Nox et Aurora” is a peculiar tribute to the light, to the immemorial order of the world in which night and day are not opposed to one another. They need each other, just as we do. However, the path towards the light is long and it requires facing oneself and the demons of the night. Although light and shadow are inseparable, we continue to fear everything that is unclear or invisible to us. Thus, the opening composition, “Christe, qui 5 lux es et dies”, was created to a fragment of the hymn from a Compline evening service. The piece, devoted to the memory of Waclaw z Szamotul, heralds the night. The lyrical melody of sopranos is laid softly upon repetitive sounds of the remaining voices, and as the piece approaches the end, it is filled with even more intriguing cluster consonances. The pillar of “La noche oscura” is the mystical hymn of Saint John of the Cross. Instrumental parts serving as interludes (Dialogo) have been set up against vocal fragments (Cancion), while the story is based on love as an anchor in the darkness of the night and the power of it, bringing oblivion and making it possible to make it to sunrise. Vocal and instrumental parts are contrasted with each other, like two worlds – or day and night – where dream is interwoven with reality.

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