Struwwelpeter - Eine (haarige) Geschichte

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Catalog: SM355

Hollborn, Franz; Hollborn, Luzia; Miribung, Gloria; Miribung, Ella; Quartett des Kammerorchester Basel; Hollborn, Paul

Look, here it is. Fie! The mophead... The eight famous stories from the timeless children's book in witty, theatrical settings and arrangements by Konstantin Timokhine as an audio release: Directed by Salomé Im Hof, the musicians Ewa Miribung (violin, banjo), Georg Dettweiler (cello), Konstantin Timokhine (horn) and Jan Wollmann (trumpet) from the Basel Chamber Orchestra play, sing and tell the popular stories in a colorful, rhythmic and groovy, profound and poetic way: for young and old, recommended from 5 years on. The four stories "Der böse Friedrich", "Paulinchen mit dem Feuerzeug", "Zappel-Philipp" and "Hans-Guck-in-die-Luft" were arranged for the album and extended with the four other stories "von den schwarzen Buben", "Daumenlutscher", "Suppen-Kaspar" and "Zappel-Philipp". The original chronological order of the original book has been retained, so it is easy to read along and follow the pictures. Between the episodes, questions are asked in short intermezzi - spoken by and for children. Stimulating to form one's own thoughts and valuable as a mediating aspect of the audio release!

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