Veni, Vola, Veni

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Catalog: AN28837

Stick&Bow Gustavo Beytelmann

Argentina built a national identity of an indisputable force that beats to the rhythm of tango. Among the pillars that wrote its history, Astor Piazzolla, who imposed himself with a brutal energy, breaking all sorts of barriers. Celebrated Argentine composer, pianist Gustavo Beytelmann is one of the most significant contributors to the evolution of the tango. Beytelmann frequented all legends of Argentine music. He lived in Buenos Aires, the vibrant city of yesteryear when everything seemed possible. In this album, he is accompanied by Juan Sebastian Delgado and Krystina Marcoux on cello, marimba and vibraphone. In Gustavos’s exquisite writing, instruments rarely associated with tango come together as one, giving character, finesse and meaning to each note. Eso es nuevo, tango nuevo.

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