Bent Sørensen: L’isola Della Città (trio Con B

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Label: MPD
Catalog: 8226086

Danish National Symphony Orchestra; Trio con Brio Copenhagen; Saraste, Jukka-Pekka

Every sound in Bent Sørensen's music has been considered with the greatest care and refinement. His quietly spoken universe incorporates loneliness, nostalgia and a feeling of loss and leave-taking. His triple concerto, L’Isola della Città (2015), has a purity that makes it one of Sørensen’s most immediate and gripping orchestral works. As he has said, 'this music unfolds at night, as most of my music does, because it was written at night’. The concerto's solo parts are performed by Trio con Brio Copenhagen who has played Sørensen's music extensively. Sørensen’s Second Symphony (2019) is a ‘classic’ symphony. The work dives into the resonance of music’s history: the imagination showers itself in melodies, sounds and structures while at the same time, from a rational perspective, it can be seen both from outside and from a distance.

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