Notos Quartett - Paris Bar

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Mit Werken von: Jean Francaix (1912-1997), Alexandre Tansman (1897-1986), Laszlo Lajtha (1892-1963) Mitwirkende: Notos Quartett CD Jean Francaix: Divertissement +Alexandre Tansman: Suite-Divertissement +Laszlo Lajtha: Klavierquartett op. 6 Künstler: Notos Quartett Label: Sony, DDD, 2021 Bestellnummer: 10835387 Erscheinungstermin: 25.3.2022 Gesamtverkaufsrang: 12192 Verkaufsrang in CDs: 5993 "Paris Bar" is the name of the new album by the highly acclaimed Notos Quartet from Berlin. And again the ensemble impresses with unusual repertoire, for "Paris Bar" they chose piano quartets of the 20s and 30s by Jean Françaix and Alexandre Tansman. And on "Paris Bar" there is even a world premiere recording - a work by the Hungarian composer Laslo Lajtha Paris developed into an international cultural hotspot at the beginning of the 20th century. Artists from all over the world flocked to the French capital during the so-called "Années folles," the crazy 1920s, taking in the exuberant atmosphere in the bars and cafés and inspiring each other to produce creative works. This sparkling atmosphere also infected the three composers Jean Françaix, Alexandre Tansman and Laslo Lajtha, whom the Notos Quartet selected for this recording, a co-production of Sony Classical with Deutschlandradio Berlin. Jean Francaix's "Divertissement" from 1933 is a true discovery, as there is only one recording of this work to date The wit and charm typical of Françaix's music characterize this four-movement work, which reveals the composer's melancholy side as well as cheerfulness. The title "Divertissement" (French for "entertainment") underscores the desire of society at the time to be amused in order to be able to block out the misery and anguish of the First World War it had just experienced. The second work on this album, the "Suite-Divertissement" by Polish-born Alexandre Tansman, also reflects this longing One of the most sought-after composers of his time, his "Suite-Divertissement" combines French esprit with Polish folk music, playing with baroque forms as well as traditional rhythms of his homeland. With the world premiere recording of the Piano Quartet op. 6 by Laslo Lajtha, the Notos Quartet pays tribute to one of the most important Hungarian composers.

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