Martin Stadtfeld - Händel Variations

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Format: CD

n his new album, German pianist Martin Stadtfeld dedicates himself for the first time to the music of Bach's great colleague and contemporary George Frideric Handel. His "Handel Variations" are a very special tribute to the Saxon Handel, who was born in Halle and rose to superstardom in London primarily as an opera and oratorio composer. On the album , Stadtfeld presents a collection of his very personal favorite pieces by Handel, which he has arranged for the piano himself Thus Stadtfeld has rearranged famous Handel hits such as "Ombra mai fu," "Lasica ch'io pianga," "Where'er you walk," as well as instrumental movements from an organ concerto, for example, for piano himself and recorded them on a modern Steinway grand piano. In addition, there are Stadtfeld's variations on the famous melancholy "Sarabande" from the Harpsichord Suite HWV 437, which in this new version takes on an almost tragic expression Another major work on "Handel Variations" is a kind of new version of the Handel Suite in E major HWV 430, for which Stadtfeld has put together the original "Prélude" with an interlude from the second act of the opera-oratorio "Theodora" and the concluding "Grobschmied" variations. "Handel Variations" is a piano album full of Handel hits that sound excitingly new. Martin Stadtfeld lets you feel from every note his deepest admiration for this composer who inspired Bach. And so it is no wonder that Bach often seems to resound through in Stadtfeld's arrangements.

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