Capella De La Torre - Monteverdi Memories

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Label: DHM
Catalog: 19439997192
Format: CD

"When Renaissance music grooves" is how Deutschlandfunk describes the music of Capella de la Torre under the direction of Katharina Bäuml. The ensemble, which has won many awards at home and abroad, proves this with its new album "Monterverdi Memories" Through the skillful selection of pieces and modern interpretation, the album provides a unique insight into Monteverdi's music. Katharina Bäuml has selected special works that reflect both Monteverdi's 20 years as court musician in Mantua and his 30 years as Kapellmeister at the famous St. Mark's Church in Venice. These include works for a large ensemble such as "Beatus Vir" and "Confitebor tibi Domine" as well as pieces for a smaller ensemble such as "Tempo la Cetra" which make it easy to understand how revolutionary Monteverdi's music was at the time With his madrigals, Monteverdi gave sacred vocal music a completely new expression with harmonies that were revolutionary for the time. In a way, Monteverdi is considered the father of the "walking bass" popularized a few centuries later in jazz From Monteverdi's musical "diaries", the vocalists and instrumentalists of Capella de la Torre present a multifaceted sound panorama. In addition, three of Monteverdi's few instrumental pieces can be heard. The ballet music for "Ballo delle ingrate" is the only piece of independent instrumental music that he handed down to posterity. In addition, the "Sonata sopra Sancta Maria, ora pro nobis" from the "Marienvesper" (1610) can be heard. It is a marvel of complexity, musical formal architecture and instrumental virtuosity and was considered unique in its time. And the madrigal "Zefiro torna" from the "Scherzi musicali" proves what a real jazz groove Monteverdi's music has. Over the fixed "chaconne" rhythm in the instrumental bass, Monteverdi lays a veritable firework of changing, sometimes contradictory rhythms in the voices. "Monteverdi: Memories" is a brilliant reminiscence of a unique composer.

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