F. & K. Doppler: Complete Flute Music Edition

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Catalog: C7430

Nicolosi, Francesco; Cabestany, Nabí; Cristea, Magdalena; Orquesta Filarmónica de Málaga; Claret, Lluís; Ittzés, Gergely; Madarász, Éva; Kertesi, Ingrid; Pascal, Denis; Edmund-Davies, Paul; Orquestra de Cambra Terrassa 48; Espina, Joan; Griminelli, Andrea; Moraleda, Joan Lluís; Bernold, Philippe; Prunés, Vicenç; Icart, Christine; Kováts, Peter; Dlugosz, Lukasz; Smyshlyaev, Dmitri; Miletic, Aleksandra; Arts String Quartet, The, members; Branch, Alan; Dufour, Clément; Steinschaden, Astrid; Bas, Ma

The Doppler brothers played a leading role in the Imperial Monarchy’s musical life as composers, conductors, musicians and orchestral soloists. They were on good terms with acknowledged artists of the era, such as Ferenc Liszt and Ferenc Erkel, as well as Jozsef Bajza, director of the Hungarian National Theatre. Catalan flautist Claudi Arimany spent decades researching this project, inspiring many famous musicians to become involved in its realization. After five years, Capriccio is pleased to have completed the edition, and proud to close another gap in musical recording history.

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