Margherita's Miniatures

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Catalog: DIGR125

Margherita Porfido

Margherita Porfido writes of her new release: “The title I wanted to give to my recording work of contemporary music for harpsichord speaks of miniatures, but I would not want to mislead the listener into thinking that it is small music. Of course, if it will be great music, I leave it to posterity to decree it! I just have to say that this compact disc contains several compositions for the new harpsichord, as if they were small paintings, miniatures, and so, as the painter would use all the colors of his palette, from the softest to the darkest, from the warmest to the coldest, much the same way I wanted to build the path of the music that is contained inside, thinking of colored sound images. Bringing the harpsichord forward, into the contemporary world, entrusting it to the pen of great current composers, of various musical backgrounds, from classical music, contemporary to jazz, such as those who are in this cd was the goal that I set myself, because I believe that the harpsichord is still very up-to-date and that its sound is even now to be explored.”

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