Conti: Musica Per Violino E Percussioni

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Catalog: TC950303

Mancini, Laura; Maestrucci, Gianni; Marzadori, Laura

In this new album by violinist and composer Diego Conti, the minimalist ensemble (violin and percussion) becomes a mean and a pretext to search new effects in the simplest and most primordial forms of sound. The extreme contrast between the frequencies, the timbres and the different “attacks” of the sounds of the instruments create atmospheres with which the composer gives life to imaginary planets, visited in his frequent science fiction readings, his great passion. Performed on percussion by Laura Mancini and Gianni Maestrucci, and on the violin by Laura Marzadori, star of the Italian music scene, first violin of the Teatro alla Scala orchestra in Milan, and already on Tactus’ albums dedicated to Ermanno Wolf Ferrari (TC872303) and Leone Sinigaglia (TC861901).

Price: $26.98