Vivaldi: The Four Seasons

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Catalog: CVI072

Thomas, Keziah

Keziah Thomas writes: “So, what is it about the music that compelled me to add yet another album of the most recorded classical work in history and a harp arrangement at that? Simply, it is the way in which the music so brilliantly communicates our extraordinary relationship with nature. Each of the concertos depicts the season musically but they are also each preceded by a sonnet, presumably written by Vivaldi, which tells myriad details about our response to this eternal cycle. Lines from the sonnets are woven into the music inviting the listener to join the composer on a human reaction to the weather as dogs bark, the wind blows and wasps buzz. When combining the orchestral and solo violin parts to make my harp arrangement, I created a display of virtuosity, in which the harp showcases the breadth of its color palette, and the harpist gives a display of technical prowess."

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