Weinberg: Sonatas For Violin Solo - Gidon Kremer

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Label: ECM
Catalog: B003513202
Format: CD

Polish composer Mieczysław Weinberg's three sonatas from 1964, 1967 and 1979 are among the most creative and technically demanding works for solo violin of the 20th century - they are of rare intensity. Gidon Kremer plays a key role in rediscovering interest in Weinberg's music, relating these pieces to the Bartók sonata because of their challenging nature. He emphasizes, "I am very pleased that the world is gradually recognizing Mieczysław Weinberg as an important composer. For me personally, his extensive oeuvre is a constant source of excitement and inspiration." This edition of the Weinberg violin sonatas, recorded at the Lockenhaus Chamber Music Festival and at the Studio Residence Palesius in Lithuania, is released to celebrate Kremer's 75th birthday. Read more Reviews "With his recording of the sonatas for solo violin, violinist Gidon Kremer once again makes a plea for the music of Mieczysław Weinberg." (concerti.de) "A sound experiment with abstract, also melancholic features, which demands everything of Gidon Kremer, but where he also redeems everything. Assaultive, brilliant, spirited, yet naked and bare. There is no jubilarian hiding behind laurels and ribbons. Gidon Kremer, who has followed his path as an interpreter as polystylistically dazzling as Mieczysław Weinberg's compositions, is once again concerned with music, with feeling, with radical directness.it is the truthfulness that one hears in every note. It is precisely in these war-torn days that one can feel the consolation, the power of art in Kremer's believing dialogue with himself and his time-honored Amati violin. Because here a "human being" plays and speaks, one who has also had his experiences with the Soviet Russians, experienced restriction And who, for this very reason, continues to make an effort to let light shine on those works and composers who were severely damaged in this system, but whose artistic voices could not be permanently silenced." (Welt.de)

"Kremer succeeds ... in 'alienating', as it were, all the technical playing that Weinberg naturally puts into the work into expressive ships. It loses the mechanical, in a sense 'well' rehearsed and transforms into unheard-of musical events." (Fono Forum, April 2022) "Kremer masterfully brings out the expressivity and variety of the pieces, as well as the delightful reflections of Bach's models. The album, released on Kremer's 75th birthday, also impresses with its clear sound..." (Audio, April 2022)

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