Antico Tastame - Historical Organs Of The Archdioc

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Vaglica, Giovan Battista

The recording project of organist Giovanni Battista Vaglica aims to enhance the original artistic heritage of the Sicilian Archdiocese of Monreale (Palermo). The territory of Monreale is in fact particularly rich in ancient instruments dating back to the Sicilian school of the eighteenth century, usually small in size and designed mainly for liturgical use. Our care in the choice of the repertoire to be used in this journey through organ music was focused chiefly on the Neapolitan school, on which several generations of musicians coming from the Mediterranean area and elsewhere have drawn and have based their musical education. Within this school, Alessandro and Domenico Scarlatti are two important figures; particularly Alessandro, the father, who decided to move from Palermo to Naples, where he became the teacher of many musicians.

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