Chelleri: Six Symphonies Nouvelles

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Catalog: LDV14080

Vanni Moretto Atalanta Fugiens Orchestra

Chelleri is far older than any other symphonist in our series. In his Corpus, the symphony understood in a modern sense, is the accomplishment of a long path of research and transformation of style. When Chelleri did deal with “modern symphonies”, counting himself among the proponents of the new instrumental music, after having written mainly plays and harpsichords as well as old-style symphonies, he no longer resided in the Duchy of Parma, where he was born, but in northern Europe, in Germany and in Sweden. Chelleri was a great imitator, and these “Six new symphonies” are clearly six stylistic studies on the new trends in vogue in Europe in the 1730s and 1740s.

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