The Weight Hope - Elizabeth Shepherd - Michael Occ

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Label: Modica Music
Catalog: 82998221627
Format: CD

Elizabeth Shepherd - vocals, pianos, OP 1 and MOOG synthesizers, synth percussion, vocal loops. Michael Occhipinti - guitars, electric bass, cat toy and cardboard box percussion, backup vocals, loops and guitar effect magic. Roberto Occhipinti - acoustic bass on Any Other Way, Riverman, Visions, Lord of The Starfields, Wondering Where The Lions Are Davide Direnzo - drums and percussion on Visions, Riverman, Lord Of The Starfields, drums and backup vocals on Wondering Where The Lions Are Mark McLean - drums on Any Other Way David Travers-Smith - bells and bowls

1. Riverman 06:37 2. Any Other Way 04:50 3. Lovers In A Dangerous Time 04:28 4. October Daughters 06:04 5. Visions 04:31 6.Pacing The Cage 05:42 7. The Weight of Hope 01:55 8.Night Comes On 05:02 9.Lord of The Starfields 04:56 10.Wondering Where The Lions Are 08:17 11.All The Lovely Ladies 05:01 12.Moon Ray 01:24

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