Beethoven: Complete Piano Concertos Deluxe-edition

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Label: DG
Catalog: 4861430
Format: CD + BLU RAY

Krystian Zimerman, London Symphony Orchestra, Simon Rattle

Krystian Zimerman, Sir Simon Rattle and the London Symphony Orchestra present Ludwig van Beethoven's 5 piano concertos. The exceptional Polish pianist Krystian Zimerman already presented an outstanding reference recording of Beethoven's Piano Concertos Nos. 3, 4 and 5 together with Leonard Bernstein more than 30 years ago (1989). At the time, both were united in their commitment to the music - in mind, heart and soul - resulting in an exceptional recording. Sadly, Bernstein died before the cycle was completed. Zimerman conducted the remaining Concertos Nos. 1 and 2 himself from the piano in 1991. "Bernstein's way of making music left a distinct impression on me," Zimerman said. "He gave me the courage and also the self-confidence to dare something in my interpretations, to try out entirely new musical ideas. [...] Only with one conductor, it was similar - with Simon Rattle. It's as if he himself became the music - with Bernstein it was exactly the same. I never had the idea that Bernstein was conducting a piece, rather every piece seemed to be his, he was composing it while he was on the podium." The unique relationship between Krystian Zimerman and Sir Simon Rattle is based on years of shared ideals and mutual respect. Gramophone Magazine described their partnership as "a thing of wonder" and praised their "thrilling sense of purpose." "What happens in concert doesn't necessarily resemble rehearsal," Zimerman says. "We stake out a framework, but he knows I can break out at any moment, and I know he'll follow at any moment, and vice versa. If I allow myself to have a joke, he doesn't just let me get away with it - payback follows within the next two minutes!" Now, 30 years after his first recording, Zimerman returns to Beethoven's piano concertos. He offers an extraordinary new interpretation, recorded with Sir Simon Rattle and the London Symphony Orchestra at LSO St Luke's in December 2020, making this album the highlight of Beethoven Year 2020 and another landmark in the series of great Beethoven recordings. The limited Deluxe Edition (3 CD & 2 Blu-ray in a high quality hardcover book with anti-scratch film on the cover) is the only release to include all 5 piano concertos as video on Blu-ray. Including a stunning Dolby Atmos surround sound mix for the perfect concert experience at home (available as video and audio-only version).

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