Various Authors: Ceci N'est Pas Une Flûte - Laura

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Catalog: STR37205

Marchi, Massimo; Faoro, Laura

Ceci n’est pas une flûte is a Magritte-like calembour, representing the desire, with this release, to propose a synesthetic listening experience within a game of sound mirages, illusions and allusions. We pursued this intriguing goal from the project’s conception, starting from the idea that an album recording implies the added value of being a sort of music microscopy, by using a rich and accurate miking together with a fine sound processing, where both the electronic tracks and the ambience itself could be treated as chamber music partners of the flute. The recording session was meant to deliver the composition with a surgical rendition that would have been impossible in a live performance, within an aesthetical frame that is not an end in itself but wants to deliver the polysemy of the contemporary language at its best, where nothing is ever as it seems. In fact, while deconstructing every convention about music, the fantasy of contemporary composers throughout the last century has taken over the sound of the flute, giving it a brand new creative and syncretic power. Breaking the chronological limits and reconnecting the timeline extremities, the flute is once again a magic stick recovering a shamanic allure from the dawn of time, now steeped in the expressive and technological possibilities of modern times.

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