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Catalog: RecArt0040


"Violemi" is an epic fantasy story about maturity and responsibility, as well as the related difficult choices. Written in a legend-like style, it combines elements of opera, musical, and symphonic film music. The world of Arstonaroth, built using words, is an excellent background for the main characters' emotions, enhanced by music themes. It is a captivating story and thanks to the music it can be rediscovered time and time again. In a kingdom isolated from the rest of the world and surrounded by mountains and dense forests, life goes on happily and in affluence. The wise decision made by the first inhabitants to prevent the land from external threats brings intentional results over time; no one in the kingdom of Arstonaroth mentions ancient times – times of blood, enslavement and suffering, times of wars and power struggles. For almost five hundred years the kin of Ottarchs rules that land. It is a wise regime – fair and traditional. But unexpected crime destroys everything – when the king dies murdered by his son, and his daughter Violemi comes to the throne, everything changes in the kingdom...

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