Rossini: Complete Piano Music - Péchés De Vieill

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Label: NCL
Catalog: 8501306

Favaro, Ugo; Masotti, Antonio; Jørstad, Lilly; Luciano, Alessandro; Giordano, Laura; Ars Cantica Choir; Bridelli, Giuseppina; Prato, Vittorio; Taddia, Bruno; Berrini, Marco; Marangoni, Alessandro; Molinari, Cecilia; Dindo, Enrico; Manzo, Sabino; Ars Cantica Consort; Scalabrini, Maria Candela; Olivero, Marco; Masi, Alessandro di; Quarta, Massimo

Rossini drew a line under his hugely successful operatic career at the age of 37 and wrote little until his final years in Paris, where he became renowned for his musical salons. For these he wrote numerous short piano pieces which he jokingly called Péchés de vieillesse (Sins of Old Age): sometimes experimental miniatures that can raise a smile or touch the heart, blurring boundaries between the irreverent and the serious. Rossini’s publisher Antonio Pacini considered the composer’s late works as his most illustrious period: ‘what he composes daily is a series of masterpieces that seems as though it will never end.’ Including songs and fascinating novelties, this acclaimed complete edition contains a myriad of rarities and numerous world premiere recordings.Audio for this box set can be found with the individual volumes here:Rossini: Complete Piano Music, Vol. 1 Complete Piano Music, Vol. 2 Complete Piano Music, Vol. 3 Complete Piano Music, Vol. 4 Complete Piano Music, Vol. 5 Complete Piano Music, Vol. 6 Excerpts from "Péchés de vieillesse", Vol. 7 Péchés de vieillesse — Chamber Music & Rarities, Vol. 8 Piano Music, Vol. 9 Piano Music, Vol. 10 Piano Music, Vol. 11

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