Folk Music Of China, Vol. 20 - Folk Songs Of The H

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Catalog: NXW76107-2

Gu, Yulin; Luo, Xiaoping; Pei, Caixia; Zhao, Guilan; Zhao, Lijing; Jin, Lan; Jin, Hufan; Guo, Shuzhen; Dong, Zhengxu; Zhang, Shunfu; Cui, Xuejun; Su, Chunfa; Jin, Dongyu; Wu, Qiong; Wu, Ruizhen; Piao, Renzhu; Tong, Yufang; Hu, Guangqing; Li, Xuesong; Huang, Yuying; Piao, Doujun; Su, Haizhen; Luo, Wenying; Yu, Changdong; Jin, Shengjun; Li, Hong; Pei, Yingping; Xing, Yanjie; Jin, Xiangguo; Liu, Yanling; Anonymous

China’s rich and diverse musical heritage has been recorded and documented in a stunning, original collection. With a total of twenty albums, this is a highly specialized series with the appeal of perhaps being the closest thing to the ‘complete works’ of traditional Chinese music. Each album features a different region of the vast territory; an historical snapshot of China’s heritage. Due to the cultural privacy China mandates, these are in fact rare, musical gems. This is the concluding volume of a twenty album series, exploring China’s rich and diverse musical heritage. It features banquet and hua’ersongs of the Hui; folk songs of the Manchu, featuring the Ba jiao gu (octagonal drum); dingba tunes of the Xibe, accompanied by the feite kena; lyrical songs of the Korean peoples, including songs from Arirang tune group; and sea songs of the Gin peoples accompanied by the duxianqin.

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