The Fremeaux Blindtest

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Catalog: FA5805

Sheridan, Tony; Renaud, Line; François, Claude; Les Chaussettes Noires; Marini, Marino; Ferré, Léo; Beatles, The; Holly, Buddy; Gerard, Danyel; Chevallier, Maurice; Bechet, Sidney; Vian, Boris; Cash, Johnny; Funès, Louis de; Die Kleine Elisabeth, ; Valens, Ritchie; Paul, Les; Salvador, Henri; Dhéry, Robert; Brassens, Georges; Clifford, Buzz; Hallyday, Johnny; Patachou,; Dean Elliot Swinging Big Band; Brandes, Will

This unusual creation from Jean-Baptiste Mersiol is a playful object combining the history of music and recording techniques with absurdities of all kinds. Initially conceived as a sort of blindfold test, this anthology has turned into more of a treatise on recording experiments carried out in the 40s and 50s… Featuring recordings both rare and forgotten, technical hitches and improbable duets, this album deserves a place on your shelves because it never fails to reveal the rare pearl that delights your friends over long winter evenings…

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